Why your New Product Launch is Critical for Success

A New Product Introduction, NPI, is a high-risk operation, being the final stage of years of research and development of a new pharmaceutical.

The average development time is around 12 years, driving investments of some $2.6 billion. Only 1 in 5 new drugs make it through Phase III of the clinical trial so the introduction has the highest possible visibility. Adding to the challenge is the competitive and cost-conscious market of today where launch success is decided in the first 9 months.

A successful introduction gives a return on invested time and resources, strengthen the company’s position on the market and ultimately improves the health and life of patients. A failed introduction, on the other hand, could impact the company’s future and may even lead to bankruptcy for smaller companies.

Failure may lead to billions of dollars lost and a significant drop in share price.

A New Product Introduction is exposed to a range of different obstacles, from product recalls, customs delays and airport shutdowns to natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions and hurricanes. Other obstacles include technical problems, delayed flights or batches being damaged due to a broken cold chain, which all contribute to the risk profile.

A McKinsey study called "Expect the unexpected" has concluded that risk events in the pharmaceutical supply chain are the second largest contributor of large monthly declines in share price for pharmaceutical companies.

Thorough planning of the New Product Introduction and taking a life-cycle view are important measures to achieve operational excellence over the lifetime of the drug, to avoid or mitigate the risks and to manage costs.

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7 steps for pharma to protect a New Product Introduction from failure

A New Product Introduction, NPI, is a complex and risky process. Even though approval dates are often not known in advance, transport must take place immediately after approval and must follow the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical. Damaged batches or delays could put the whole product launch at risk and could even have devastating consequences for the company and ultimately the patients. Here are seven steps that quality managers could use as a guide to protect the NPI process and to build operational excellence.

Key benefits of partnering with 可以赌足球的app for a New Product Introduction

At 可以赌足球的app we have more than 30 years of experience of temperature-controlled air transport. So far, we have helped more than 600 pharmaceutical companies worldwide with both regular shipments and New Product Introductions. In this article, we present what we can do to help you design a successful NPI process and lay the foundation for operational excellence of temperature-controlled shipments. Our experience is that a reliable cold chain is much more than just a container. It is the sum of a combination of products and services that together lead to a successful New Product Introduction.